Sonic Sculpture is Hawaii's newest and most innovative recording studio.  Located just one block from Hilo bay front, our facility is in the heart of downtown Hilo!  Specializing in commercial post-production, live bands, singer-songwriters, and sound design, Sonic Sculpture is fully equipped to meet your audio needs.

Sonic Sculpture was created by producer/engineer Sam Bradley.  With well over a decade of experience, Sam's musical foundation began at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences in Tempe, Arizona.  One of the country's premier schools for audio and music production.  Sam has worked on Neve, SSL, and Avid (Digidesign) recording consoles in legendary facilities such as The Plant Studios (RIP), Earthwire Studios, and Polarity Post Production.  Sam has done Post Production for Disney (Higglytown Heroes), live sound mixing for Nickelodeon (Paradise Run) and has had work featured on Freesurf Magazine's website.  

Sam is also an accomplished musician who has toured internationally and recorded with Medicine for the People, performed with Grammy Award winning artists, and played on countless studio sessions .  Sam is currently playing with the band Ironwoods, an indie/alt rock group that explores uncharted waters. 

Sonic Sculpture is currently focusing on sound for video and radio spots.  Mahalo!


For the latest content please visit @sonicsculpturerecording on Instagram


Recent Project list:

- Hawaiian Telecom VO

- Netty Cee

- Beacon Street Studios

- Rainmaker Studios

- Motorolla TV and radio spots VO by Ed O’Neill (Married with Children, Finding Dory)

- Jack in the Box radio spots VO by Romi Dames (Hannah Montana)

- Ali Blackmore (recording and editing of the audiobook ‘Africa Noon’)

- Rapping with Rabbi Rachel (podcast with special guests)

- Kimberly Dark (recording and editing of the audiobook 'The Daddies’)

- Jeff Dahl 2019

- Merrie Monarch Festival 2019 (on location)

- American Savings Bank (commercial)

- Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman

- Ko Flows

- Christy Lassiter

- Universal Studio's Orlando (Island Oasis)

- Kimberly Dark (audio book ‘The Daddies’)

- Boomdraw Posse

- DC Ad Agency (NCAA Kona Brewing Co ad)

- Priscilla Momah

- Knowledge Iz

- Anthology Group (Texaco radio spots)

- Duncan Channon Ad Agency

- Kona Brewing Company

- Audm (Articles for The New Yorker)

- Emily Woo Zeller (Award winning audio book narrator reading Star Swept by Mary Fan)

- Universal Studio's Orlando (Volcano Bay TV  and radio spots)

- Jason Scott Lee

- The Spirit Cabinet (The Haunted Swordsman)

- Merrie Monarch Festival 2018

- Jackson Kayaks

- Kamehameha Schools (Shadow Program)

- ADIDAS (commercial with Red Bull athlete Anna Bader)

- Jenny Stanley 

- Knowledge Thyself (Hip Hop)

- AT&T (Be The Glow)

- Romeo Miller (aka Lil Romeo)

- The Applesauce Boys

- Ironwoods (Drums by Sam Bradley)

- Jeff Dahl (Made in Hawaii LP engineered and produced by Sam Bradley.  Drums by Sam Bradley)

- Lexi Howse

- Nickelodeon (Paradise Run Season 2 ambient live sound)

- Hualalai 4 Seasons Resort

- Ena Media

- Pretty Thieves

- Big Island Yoga Therapy (Katy Benjamin)

- Chris Dziedzak

- Marya Szaur

- Ethan Swift

- Soulstice

- International Day of Yoga


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